Introducing A Money Minting Treasure Hunt !

Pyramid coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency token built on Binance Smart Chain Network designed to take the investor to the top of the financial pyramid by generating wealth with guaranteed security and financial freedom of exchange.


Pyramidcoin Utility launches it's own Swap which enables the users to convert different tokens to Pyramidcoins.

Pyramidcoin Store lets the buyer use tokens converted to Pyramidcoins and choose an array of Daily need Goods, Garments, Footwear,Eye Gears, Mobile Accessories and much more under it's reward exchange program.

Other Token holders can swap their currency tokens to Pyramidcoins and purchase our outstanding products as Best Deals.

Pyramidcoin plans to monetize Virtual Experiences and Develop Global connections for players on a virtual Metaverse Game. Our Play and Earn Platform enables players to exchange Pyramidcoins to products at Pyramidcoin

WIIFM - Whats in it for me

Safe and Secure

Auto Liquidity

2% Auto Liquidity on each transaction.

Instant Exchange

Pyramid Swap

Swap Buying and Selling of tokens

Strong Network


Holder earns money on ‘PLAY TO EARN METAVERSE’ platform.

Mobile Apps


Charity is quintessential at Pyramidcoin. Education Support, Upliftment, Medical Assistance and Resurrection of the displaced are key improvement areas on our list.

Margin Trading

Auto Reward

2% Auto REWARD on each transaction.

Pyramidcoin Burning Event

Pyramidcoin’s First Burning Event would be conducted after fifteen days of its Token Launch with the burning of 5 Trillion coins doubling the token burn counts every twenty five days:

1 5 trillion
2 10 trillion
3 15 trillion
4 20 trillion
5 25 trillion
6 30 trillion
7 35 trillion
8 40 trillion
9 45 trillion
10 50 trillion


Token Reward

Auto Liquidity


Game wallet

Marketing wallet

Dev Wallet

Road Map

Phase I

Website Development
Twitter Activity
Instagram Active
Telegram Active
Reddit Active
Promotional Logo Activity

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Phase II

BSC Contact Creation
Contact Verified on BSC Scan
Techrate Audit
List on Pancake Swap
Influencer marketing push
Giveaway Promotion
Launching Whitepaper

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Phase III

Listing on coin gecko
Listing on coin market cap
Increase marketing
Pyramidcoin Swap launch
Metaverse Game Development Start

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Phase IV

Cetik Audit
List on Lbank
List on Hotbit
List on Bitmart
List on LAToken

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Phase V

Launching of ecommerce store
Launching of Metaverse Game
Earn and Play

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